Roofing trends 2021

each out to our roofing contractors right away to schedule roof leak

The roof is one of the most important protection tools against external and
environmental factors like rain, snow, and strong winds. That is why you should
choose qualified professionals, who have the experience, trajectory, and quality of
the materials used.

As time goes by, new processes, updates, and development of innovative
materials have been created to guarantee the quality and performance of the roof.
That’s  why today we want to share with you three key trends of 2021:

Welcome back to metal roofing:
Metal roofs can be found in different shapes and colors. They are very interesting
as they offer good performance, quality and above all do not require continuous

Innovation and avant-garde with Energy-saving roofs:
It’s very important to take care of the environment and to optimize the family
budget. That is why one of the big trends that is coming very strong is the energy-
saving roofs that offer protection and safety while taking care of your pocket.

Green roofs: 
Sustainability and care for the planet are key elements for this year and roofs are
not left behind. The purpose of this trend is to choose sustainable and efficient
materials and finishes that promote a change in consumer awareness.

It’s important to emphasize that when making a replacement or repair on your roof,
you must have a qualified team of professionals who take care of your budget and
deliver the highest quality. Solid Roofing has been certified by Certain Teed and
has a five-star customer service rating.

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