What to do if my roof gets damaged during the storm?


The roof is composed of several elements that together form a structure that protects your
home from external factors such as weather, falling trees, moisture, and mold. 

Find here the components of the roof to provide a quality system:

1. Shingles:
You can find different styles and colors of shingles on the market. From asphalt to metal
shingles, there are currently three categories of roofing shingles which are strip shingles,
dimensional roofing shingles, and finally, premium roofing shingles. The choice will depend
on your taste and budget.

2. Counter-roofs:
The counter-roofs are used as structures as they are an element that protects and helps to
waterproof. You can find different options such as felt under-roofs, fiberglass-reinforced
felt under-roofs, or high-performance synthetic under-roofs.

The counter-roofs are key when installing your roof as they prevent water infiltration in
possible vulnerable areas.

3. Accessories and tools:
Hip and Ridge: Accessories are indispensable to complete the job on the roof. In the
market, you can find a variety of options but it is important to choose tools of good quality
and durability over time.

-A space for ventilation: This system will allow the air to flow properly in the different
seasons of the year.
-Starter Shingles: They have been designed to support the appearance and
performance of the shingles.

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