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What is Commercial Installations?

When it comes to Charlotte NC Roof Repairs and Maintenance, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, the climate in Charlotte can be harsh on roofs, so it is important to choose a material that can withstand the elements. Second, because of the hot summers and cold winters, Charlotte roofs are prone to leaks. So, it is important to have your roof inspected regularly and repair any leaks as soon as possible. Finally, when choosing a roofing contractor in Charlotte, be sure to select one with experience and a good reputation.

If you are a homeowner and believe you need to repair your shake roof in Denver, NC, it’s important to be proactive about the repairs. Shakes are prone to cracking and breaking, especially in high winds. Over time, these damages can add up, leaving your roof vulnerable to leaks. Fortunately, there are a few simple things you can do to keep your shake roof in good condition. First, make sure to regularly clean your gutters and downspouts. This will help to prevent debris from accumulating on your roof and causing damage. Second, have your roof inspected annually by a qualified roofing contractor. This will allow you to identify any potential problems early on and get them fixed before they cause major damage. By taking these simple steps, you can extend the life of your shake roof and keep it looking its best for years to come.

Roof Maintenance

Regular roof maintenance in Matthews, NC is essential for any home.  The hot, humid summers and the occasional hurricane can take a toll on even the most well-built roofs.  At Solid Roofing, we have experience working with all types of roofs, and will be able to spot potential problems before they become serious. In addition, our team of professionals will be able to offer advice on how to keep your roof in top condition, whether it’s through regular cleaning or by making minor repairs. We also provide roof maintenance to Mooresville and surrounding cities Hickory and Matthews.

Residential and Commercial Locations

Having a strong and sturdy roof is one of the most important aspects of owning a home. Not only does it protect you and your family from the elements, but it also helps to keep your home in good condition. Unfortunately, roofs can be damaged by storms, high winds, and falling debris. We provide residential roof repair in Hickory, NC, and will quickly assess the damage and make the necessary repairs. 

Commercial roof repair in Charlotte NC is a specialized service provided by our team of highly trained and experienced roofing professionals. We understand the unique challenges posed by commercial roofing, and we have the skills and resources necessary to provide a comprehensive solution. Whether your roof has been damaged by severe weather or simply needs to be replaced due to age, we can help. We offer a wide range of commercial roofing services, including repairs, replacements, and installations. We also offer a free consultation so that you can discuss your specific needs with one of our experts.

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Commercial Roofing

The process of installing and maintaining roofing systems on commercial buildings. It includes a range of materials and services to protect commercial properties.

Shingle Roof Installation

Shingle Roofs

Asphalt shingle roofs are one of the most popular types of roofing for homes and businesses. They are relatively easy to install and repair.

Metal roofers charlotte nc

Metal Roofs

A metal roof is a roofing system made from metal pieces or tiles characterized by its high resistance, impermeability and longevity.

Roof Maintenance

Repairs and Maintenance

Shakes are prone to cracking and breaking, especially in high winds. Over time, these damages can add up, leaving your roof vulnerable to leaks.



They channel rainwater away from the foundation and prevent water damage to the structure. However, gutters can become clogged with leaves and debris...

Gutters Charlotte

Gutters Charlotte

From summer thunderstorms to the occasional winter snowfall, your roof takes a beating throughout the year. That's why it's important to make sure your gutters...

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