Roof Maintenance Tips Good to Know

Mother and Daughter Looking at their home

The roof is one of the most important elements in your home because it provides
protection to those you love the most and to your house from climatic factors,
leaks, animals and elements that fall into it. In spite of that, we do not think a lot
about taking care, protecting and maintaining our roof until it is too late and we┬┤ll
have to make a great investment to Roof Maintenance and repair.

It is important to understand that the life of a roof, it can last up to 20 years with a
good roof maintenance. Today we will give you some tips to help prolong the quality
and condition of your roof.

Inspect from the ground up.
We recommend twice a year (spring and fall) to make a visual inspection of your
roof from the ground. Keep in mind that if you find damage to the roof tiles, a leak,
moisture or gutters stuck, you should call a professional to inspect the situation.

Keep the trees around your house with short branches.
When storms arrive, they can cause branches to fall onto the roof, causing
structural damage.

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Check for moisture, mold and moss
We invite you to keep your spaces well ventilated

Remember the importance of protecting your home to protect your family and the
roof is a fundamental piece so you must take care of it and maintain it constantly to
avoid major and costly damage. Choose Solid Roofing for fast reliable, roof maintenance and
replacement services.

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