Types of residential roof

Men Working on Roof

Roofs are a very important part of your home since they are a structural element of 
protection. The choice of the roof is key to the design of your home.
The choice of the roof should be based mostly on regional factors, as there are
different types of residential roofs not because of aesthetics, but because each variety is best
suited for a particular circumstance. Solid Roofing Contractor is one the best roof repair and installation company all over NC state.

Most homes have one of the following types of roofs:

Single-slope roof: The slope of the roof is an extremely important aspect and is
considered to be the main factor in roof design. The slope has an effect on the
interior volume of the buildings, drainage, style, and the material used to cover it.

Mansard roof:
 The mansard roof is a type of roof easily identifiable by its
characteristic two slopes, the lower one much steeper than the upper one, which
allows very efficient use of the interior space.

Four-sided roof: 
These are residential roofs built on four sides, which provides a perfect
covering for houses with rectangular square areas since it protects all four sides

Gable roof: 
These are two flat surfaces that are installed on slopes joined at an
angle. Its purpose is to allow water or snow to slide off instead of remaining
stagnant on the roof. 

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The residential roof of your home is composed of elements beyond asphalt shingles. Many
different elements make up the roof and are essential to protect your home from
external factors such as rain, wind, moisture, and snow. Choose a professional
with experience and a track record. Choose Solid Roofing for fast, reliable roofing
services in Mooresville, Raleigh, Garner, Angier, Clayton, Huntersville,
Charlotte, Matthews, Davidson areas

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